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Tutoring & Remedial Project




Children born into families, who for generations were resigned to a life of poverty, have little hope of breaking the cycle of poverty unless they have access to education. YUM has developed a wide-range of educational solutions including vocational training centers, community libraries, scholarships and sponsorships.

Tutoring & Remedial program

In an Indonesian classroom, there are 40-50 students taught by one teacher alone. This means that students may not get the attention needed to be able to thoroughly understand the content of the lesson. The tutoring and remedial program is important as it fills this gap. The class sizes are limited to just 10-15 students, which helps provide them with much needed attention to assist with learning the content of the lesson.


The Tutoring and Remedial program began in 2013 with just 25 students and 2 tutors. However, the project grew exponentially during the pandemic because there was an urgent need to facilitate learning due to the fact that schools were closed and children struggled to access learning materials and find support at home. in collaboration with 38 teachers from 13 different local schools in West Java, by the end of 2021 around 520 primary school students received help to ensure that they meet grade level requirements in reading, writing and basic maths. Another 50 students were taught at YUM’s facilities by 5 tutors that included our librarian and preschool teachers. Both at the schools and at YUM’s Community Centre, the students were evaluated after a period of 6 months. On average, close to 75% of the students improved in reading, 90% improved in writing, and 68% improved in maths. In the aftermath of the pandemic, where millions of children experienced learning loss, it is more crucial than ever to have this type of after-school academic support for children in rural areas.

I have been participating in this program since I was in the first grade. I can understand my school lessons better and find new friends at the same time. At home, no one can help me study as my parents have only graduated from elementary school.

Risma, grade 4.