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Elderly Care Project




YUM’s health projects are centered in Central Kalimantan and West Java, where there is a desperate need for proper health education and resources. A lack of good healthcare also impacts the economic and social aspects of these communities. YUM’s leadership in disease prevention has led to major milestones particularly in the areas of sanitation, clean water, health promotion and malaria.

Elderly Health & Wellbeing

A 2015 report by the United Nations projected that the number of 60 years old and above in Indonesia in 2050 would reach more than 19% (more than double the amount in 2018). In Cipanas, where almost 1/4th of the population live below the poverty line, the elderly are often left to fend for themselves as well as for their grandchildren while the parents work as migrant workers or elsewhere.


Since 2013, YUM started an Elderly Care project in Cipanas, West Java. YUM is present in two villages where close to 150 elderly are actively coming to the monthly gatherings. The activities include: health check-ups, health education talks, gardening, physical exercises, as well as receiving food supplements. The goal is to help these elderly to be more independent, as well as to increase in knowledge in their own health and about nutrition.


"I'm so grateful that I have this routine activity so that I can meet new friends. I feel more happy and healthy. Previously, I would just stay home all day."

Ibu Upin, 74 year old participant