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Malaria Control Project




YUM’s health projects are centered in Central Kalimantan and West Java, where there is a desperate need for proper health education and resources. A lack of good healthcare also impacts the economic and social aspects of these communities. YUM’s leadership in disease prevention has led to major milestones particularly in the areas of sanitation, clean water, health promotion and malaria.

Malaria Control

Malaria is endemic in much of Kalimantan. In Bukit Batu, YUM developed a comprehensive malaria control program that included diagnosis and treatment, clean water, sanitation and anti-malaria bed nets. After the completion of the 4-year project in 2011, YUM was able to reduce the cases to nearly zero.


To combat malaria in the 6 villages in Bukit Batu, YUM used education campaigns, active and passive case detection, distribution of impregnated bednets, inside residual spraying and larvicidising.


Along with the malaria project, a Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) project also helped mobilize poor communities to build their own sanitary system and several water towers were built to enable access to clean water where there was none. In the majority of villages in the region, water that is used for drinking and washing comes from stagnant and dirty sources, which leads to the rapid spread of diseases and infections.


After an extensive 4-year project, where malaria cases went from 976 cases per year in 2008 to only 7 cases in 2011, YUM is proud to note that since then malaria cases have maintained a very low number, mostly imported from other areas.