About Us

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Empowering children, families and communities in Indonesia to lift themselves out of poverty.


Our Mission

To work with communities in providing holistic and sustainable support in the areas of health, education and community development.


Our Values


We believe in providing equal services to all regardless of religion, gender, age, race, ethnicity, or health status.


We believe in working inclusively with local communities to ensure effective solutions are identified and implemented in an appropriate way.


We believe in affecting change that can be sustained beyond the life of any single project to deliver continued benefits for communities.

Holistic Approach

We recognize the interconnectedness of issues surrounding poverty and believe in an approach which adresses complex problems in a holistic way.


We believe in being accountable for the responsible and effective use of all monies and communicating honestly and openly with all parties.

Inspired by Faith

YUM is a non-denominational organization, but recognises the power of faith in people's lives and is inspired by this spirituality.