Successful job placements for our Hospitality & Tourism program graduates!

Our first batch of students have finished their 3-months internship, graduated from the program and have found jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry.
Students of Batch II and III of the Hospitality and Tourism Diploma are hopeful of acquiring employment once they graduate, just like their seniors in Batch I did.

More than 10 years ago, a Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in Central Kalimantan was established to provide skills training and other life skills workshops in a sub-district covering 19,000 inhabitants; the center has since received accreditation from the Provincial Education Board. The YUM VTC is a direct response to the need to prepare the youth in a rural area such as Bukit Batu, for formal employment.


Indonesia placed second highest among South East Asian countries for unemployment of youth aged 15 to 24 years old, based on a 2019 estimate by the International Labour Organization. In that same year, after thorough survey and market research, we found that there were job openings in the hospitality market, however no skills training in this field was provided for the youth. An 18-month diploma program in Hospitality & Tourism was launched with the objective to support young people to find work right after graduation.


Fast forward to today, we are proud to inform you that our first batch of students have finished their 3-months internship, graduated from the program and have found jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry. Through partnerships with several hotels in the area, all eight of them have been offered jobs. Six out of eight graduates have started working and are thrilled with their employment. As for the other two students, one student has decided to work with his parents and the other is currently looking for employment closer to home. 


Read what some of our graduates have to say about having found the jobs that fit with the skills they acquired in the diploma program:


I was so happy to know that after graduating, I was immediately recruited to work at my internship place - Fovere Hotel Palangkaraya - as a receptionist. However, recently my parents got sick so I opted to find work closer to their home. At Wisma Bougenville not only do I work at the front office, I am also involved in promotional marketing. Making designs and promotions for the hotel  is easy thanks to the design and marketing knowledge that I got from studying at YUM.


During my diploma training at YUM, I learned a lot of skills relevant to my current job such as room service, how to use computers, accounting, and hospitality administration. Because of that, the place where I work, Amaris Palangkaraya Hotel, entrusts me to handle 3 positions at once. Besides being at the front office, I also help in housekeeping and do the night audit. All the skills and knowledge I obtained from the Hospitality & Tourism diploma are definitely useful in my place of work now.


 Wisma Bougenville is the first place I got a job after an internship. Armed with the knowledge in hospitality administration, accounting and computers that I learned while training at YUM, I became a Receptionist and Financial Administration Staff at Wisma Bougenvile. I’m grateful that now I can get my own income, and not burden my parents anymore.


 The efforts I put into the one and a half years in Hospitality and Tourism diploma at YUM paid off and I’m now reaping the rewards. I recently got a job at JNE (one of Indonesia’s leading shipping and delivery services companies) at Tangkiling as an admin staff. I have no difficulty in completing work because during the training at YUM, I received plenty of administrative and computer knowledge which is related to my work. Now, I can help both my parents financially.


Initially I joined the Hospitality and Tourism Diploma because my parents encouraged me to, but as I started learning, it turned out that the curriculum given was complete. I learned many skills such as computers, English, marketing, hospitality, the tourism industry and many more. I am currently working as a staff at Borneo Escape, and everything that I learned from the curriculum given during the training is relevant to my current job.


We are thrilled to have these students graduated and have found jobs in the labor market and have a better chance of improving their future. We hope the future batches will have no difficulties in finding work after they graduate, just like the students of the first batch!