A Decade of Impact: YUM x Linklaters - Fostering Growth and Learning in Central Kalimantan

Over the past 10 years, global law firm Linklaters (represented by Widyawan & Partners in Indonesia) has supported Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) in bringing transformations to the community in Bukit Batu, Central Kalimantan.
A celebration of 10 years of partnership!

Over the past 10 years, global law firm Linklaters (represented by Widyawan & Partners in Indonesia) has supported Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) in many ways, bringing transformations to the community that YUM serves in Bukit Batu, Central Kalimantan. The continued support and commitment of Linklaters has played a crucial role in the success of YUM's education initiatives particularly the Community Library, through support in its renovations, its daily operational costs, aid during the Covid-19 pandemic, and most recently, the launch of Kidspreneurship, an innovative program aimed at inspiring young minds towards entrepreneurship.


The transformation of the Community Library


In 2019, the Community Library underwent significant renovations, turning it into a vibrant hub for learning and creativity. The library was initially equipped with 5,000 books, magazines, children's movies, toys, and equipment for various after school activities such as traditional dance and music.



Covid-19 Support



The year 2020 and 2021 posed unprecedented challenges globally, and Linklaters provided crucial support to the Community Library during the Covid-19 pandemic. The assistance and resources ensured that the library members and their families had sufficient medical supplies, food, as well as ensuring that young library members could keep learning through tutoring and remedial programs.


Most recently, Kidspreneurship!



In 2023, the Kidspreneurship program was launched with the aim of nurturing entrepreneurial skills among the young ones. The Kidspreneurship program exposes the learning and the lessons surrounding entrepreneurship skills to the young members of the community. It also helps to broaden the vision of the community that being in employment is not the only path to a better life. With the support of Linklaters, the program not only enriches the lives of the children but will eventually contribute to the economic development of the entire community.


A Decade of Milestones:

The impact of Linklaters' support over the past decade is evident in the numerous milestones that happened at the Community Library:

  • 2013: Over 250 monthly library visitors
  • 2014: Inauguration of the first Creativity Day
  • 2015: Introduction of the Science Club and commencement of school visits
  • 2019: Completion of library renovations, housing an extensive collection of books, magazines, movies, and toys
  • 2020: Support extended during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • 2022: Over 1,700 library members, with 485 average monthly visitors and 100 new members annually, with nine nearby schools conducting regular visits to the library
  • 2023: Launch of the Kidspreneurship program, marking the library's transformation into an integrated educational hub supporting various YUM projects.


As we celebrate a decade of collaboration between YUM and Linklaters, it is evident that we can achieve great things through long-term partnerships. The Community Library has become an instrumental part in fostering positive change in Bukit Batu, Central Kalimantan. We are grateful for the continued support and trust in carrying out our mission. Here’s to many more years to come!